General Terms and Conditions B&B Perruque

BnB Perruque

Rev. L. Tinholtstraat 2

8723CX Koudum

Phone: +31(0)514 523 337 / +31 (0)6 45 47 28 66

Chamber of Commerce: 77370449

VAT: NL860986548B01

IBAN: NL54RABO0189354917


B&B Perruque delivers in accordance with the Uniform Conditions for the Horeca (UVH). These conditions have been filed with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Hague and can also be found by clicking here. In addition, the UVH are available for inspection and will be sent to you at your request. The UVH are binding on everyone who uses our services.

In order to improve readability, we have set out the applicable provisions below. The full terms and conditions can be found here.

General rights and obligations of B&B Perruque

Pets are not allowed at B&B Perruque.

We are not obliged to receive and/or take into custody any property from the guest. The foregoing means that B&B Perruque is not responsible and/or liable for damage, loss or theft of any property belonging to the guest, which the catering company has refused to accept and/or store.

General obligations of the guest

The guest is obliged to comply with the applicable house rules and rules of conduct* of B&B Perruque and to follow the reasonable instructions of B&B Perruque. The house rules and rules of conduct can be found in each room and can be requested from the host/hostess. Reasonable directions may be given orally.

*You can find these at the bottom of the general terms and conditions

Providing accommodation

Check-in: at B&B Perruque you can check in on the day of arrival between 3 and 10 pm. Before arrival you will receive an in incheck code per e-mail. For other check-in times you must communicate in advance; an attempt will be made to find a suitable solution.

Check-out: the check-out is no later than 10.30 am on the day of departure.

B&B Perruque is entitled to consider the reservation for accommodation as expired if the guest does not show up on the reserved day and agreed time. The foregoing applies, without prejudice to the provisions of the cancellation conditions.

B&B Perruque is entitled to require the guest to be satisfied with a different, equivalent accommodation with regard to accommodation than should be made available according to the agreement. The guest can refuse this alternative. In the latter case, the guest has the right to terminate the agreement to which the aforementioned request of B&B Perruque relates with immediate effect, without prejudice to his obligations under other agreements.


When a reservation for accommodation, with or without breakfast, is made for one or more individuals, the following percentages of the reservation value must be paid by the customer to B&B Perruque for cancellation of that reservation:

In case of cancellation*:

  • More than or 7 days before the effective date: 0%
  • More than 3 days (but less than 7 days) before the effective date: 50%
  • Within 3 days before the start date (or in case of no-show): 100%

*taking into account the fact that the day of arrival starts at 0.00 am

The customer is authorized to cancel an agreement against payment of the cancellation costs. If a customer does not arrive at the agreed time, the customer will be deemed to have canceled and will owe the cancellation costs. If the customer still arrives after the agreed time, B&B Perruque can invoke these cancellation costs owed or still implement the agreement and demand full compliance from the customer with regard to the agreement. In case of no-show, the customer is in all cases obliged to pay the reservation value.

When a reservation for accommodation only, with or without breakfast, has been made for a group, the same cancellation conditions as above apply to cancellation of that reservation.

Liability of B&B Perruque

B&B Perruque is liable to the guest for damage that is the result of a failure by B&B Perruque in the fulfillment of the agreement, unless that failure cannot be attributed to B&B Perruque or to persons whose assistance B&B Perruque in the execution of the agreement. agreement uses.

B&B Perruque is not liable for damage or loss of goods that have been brought into B&B Perruque by a guest who has taken up residence there. The customer indemnifies B&B Perruque against claims from guests in this regard. The provisions here do not apply insofar as the damage or loss is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of B&B Perruque.

B&B Perruque is not liable for damage caused to or with vehicles of the guest, except if and insofar as the damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence on the part of B&B Perruque.

B&B Perruque is not liable for damage, direct or indirect, to whomsoever or whatever arises as a direct or indirect consequence of any defect or any quality or circumstance in, in or on any movable or immovable property of which B&B Perruque is the holder, (leaseholder) tenant, tenant or is the owner or otherwise available to B&B Perruque, except if and insofar as the damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence on the part of B&B Perruque.

Liability of B&B Perruque is limited to the amount that can reasonably be insured.

If B&B Perruque receives goods or if goods are deposited, stored and/or left behind by anyone in any way whatsoever without B&B Perruque stipulating any compensation for this, B&B Perruque is not liable for damage to or in connection with those goods in any way whatsoever, unless B&B Perruque has intentionally caused this damage, or the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of B&B Perruque. In all cases, B&B Perruque cannot be held to compensation for damage to goods that are located in goods that are deposited, stored or left behind, regardless of whether B&B Perruque stipulates any compensation for this.

Liability of the guest and/or customer

The customer and the guest and those accompanying him are jointly and severally liable for all damage that is and/or will arise for B&B Perruque and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of an attributable shortcoming and/or tort, including violation of the law. house rules, committed by the customer and/or the guest and/or those accompanying him, as well as for all damage caused by any animal and/or any property they are in possession of or under their supervision.

Settlement and payment

The customer owes the price agreed in the agreement. The prices are stated on lists placed by B&B Perruque in a place visible to the guest or included in a list that is handed over to the customer, if necessary at the customer’s request, or that is accessible to the customer via digital sources. A list is deemed to be visible to the customer if it is visible in the normally accessible areas of B&B Perruque.

All bills, including cancellation or no-show bills, are payable by the customer at the time they are presented to him. The customer must arrange for cash payment or payment by bank or giro, unless otherwise agreed.

The guest and the customer are jointly and severally liable for all amounts owed by one or both of them to B&B Perruque for whatever reason. Unless otherwise stipulated, agreements are deemed to have been concluded on behalf of each guest. By appearing, the guest indicates that the customer was authorized to represent him in the conclusion of the relevant agreement.

As long as the customer has not fully fulfilled all his obligations towards B&B Perruque, B&B Perruque is entitled to take and keep all goods that the customer has brought to B&B Perruque, until the customer has fulfilled all his obligations to the satisfaction of B&B Perruque. towards B&B Perruque. In addition to a right of retention, B&B Perruque is entitled, where appropriate, to a right of pledge on the goods in question.

If and insofar as timely payment is not made, the customer is in default without any notice of default being required. Only if the customer is a natural person (consumer), B&B Perruque will send a one-time notice of default with a term of at least 14 days to still pay in the event of non-payment.

If the customer is in default, he must reimburse B&B Perruque for all collection costs. The extrajudicial collection costs are charged according to the law.

Payment is made in Euros. B&B Perruque does not accept other (foreign) payment methods.

Found objects

Lost or left objects in the building and appurtenances of B&B Perruque, which are found by the guest, must be returned to B&B Perruque as soon as possible.

B&B Perruque acquires ownership of objects of which the rightful claimant has not reported to B&B Perruque within one year after their return.

If B&B Perruque sends objects left behind by the guest, this is entirely at the expense and risk of the guest. B&B Perruque is never obliged to send.

Bring your own drinks (not allowed)

B&B Perruque forbids to consume your own food and/or drinks in B&B Perruque, including the terrace outside. B&B Perruque offers drinks and snacks for a fee.

House rules B&B Perruque:

To check in:

You can check in on the day of arrival between 4 and 10 pm. Before arrival you will receive an incheck-code per e-mail. With this code, you can enter the B&B via the red front door. Once inside, you go across the hall and will find a whiteboard in the common area of the B&B. Your name will be written on the board, next to your room number. You can pick up your room key here. The room key also works on the red front door, so you do not need the code anymore. Don’t forget to take the key with you when you go outside, otherwise you might not be able to enter the B&B.

Coffee/tea and other drinks:

Coffee and tea are included in the breakfast. You can also use our coffee machine (with real beans) at other times. You should write this down in our consumption folder. We settle the prices with your invoice. This also applies to other drinks and snacks.

Do not consume your own food/drink:

You are not allowed to consume your own food and drinks in the communal areas. This also applies to the shared terrace. However, you can use the drinks and snacks that we offer. Please note in the consumption folder.


You can have breakfast with us between 8.15 and 10.00 am. If you have to leave early and for that reason want to use breakfast earlier, please ask us about the possibilities.

Checking out:

You can check out until 10:30 am.


You can pay with us in cash or by bank card. Additional costs will be charged for payment by credit card.


You can use the wifi. You will find the Network and password written down on the chalkboard in the common area, but also in the information binder in your room.

To smoke:

Smoking is prohibited in the entire property, both in the rooms and in the common areas. You can smoke outside on the terrace or on your private terrace or balcony. We ask you to use the ashtrays and to ensure that no smoldering butts are left behind that could cause fire (holes).


Pets are not allowed in B&B Perruque. No exceptions are made to this.


Please note that there are several guests staying at the property. If you come back late at night, or if you leave very early, please take it easy. And please don’t turn the television too loud at night.


The key to your room is also the key to the front door. Take it with you when you leave the building, otherwise you might have trouble coming back in.

If you lose the key, we charge €50 euros.


We do not ask for a deposit, not even for the apartments. We do charge €50,- if you lose the key. If items are broken, we will charge the costs for this.