About us

How it started…

Janny had been working with the idea of starting her own B & B. Then in April 2004, when the police station moved to a new location in Koudum, she seized her chance. Janny bought the old police station.
She played with the drawings and rebuilt the former police station into a guesthouse with 9 rooms. Soon she welcomed its first guests into the new B&B/inn Perruque.

And then…

In September 2007, Nico – who at the time was still employed by rail, road, water, was staying as a guest and soon a romance developed between the two. Since then the couple run Perruque together with great enthusiasm.

And now …

Perruque has become a household name. Nico and Janny stand for optimum service and quality. The apartments, rooms and breakfast are to the last detail, keeping a reference to the historic nature of the property. Above all, they seek a relaxed and personal atmosphere. They try to make their guests feel at home.
Besides a good night’s sleep, guests eat together in the central area of Perruque.
From the kitchen Nico and Janny serve delicious hot meals using local produce.

And you …?

Guest reviews are excellent, so it’s clear that the couple are doing a great job. But why not see for yourself?

B&B Perruque: environmentally friendly

Green Key GOLD

Perruque performs the Green Key Golden label. Green Key is the international quality label for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure industry.

We do everything we can to save the environment, without that sacrifice on your comfort and quality. We go a step further than the normal laws and regulations require.

Conserving energy and water, without you noticing!

Perruque uses water and energy consciously and sparingly. Our roof is full of solar panels. We’re self-sufficient in terms of our electricity consumption. We use LED bulbs, light sensors and timers for the heating.

There is not more crops than necessary and there are also eco-friendly cleaning products used, based on the cradle-to-cradle concept (fully degradable, without tax for the environment).

Of course we also separate our waste, in rooms and in our apartments we ask that you to do the same.

As you already understood, we think the environment  is very important – besides a satisfied guest. As a certified company conforms to the standards B & B Perruque determined by the Foundation KMVK (quality mark Foundation environment, safety and quality).

Fairtrade certificate

Our philosophy is: use local products if the oppurtunity is there. For our breakfast buffet and hot meals, we use them as much as possible. Otherwise we’re likely to use Fairtrade products. Not only delicious, but also environmental friendly and healthy – for the whole world!

When Perruque was no inn but a policestation…

A picture from 1981, when the property by the State Police was still in use as an office.

A recent photo. We can say that much has changed!