You can also rent the rooms at Perruque as a group!

The groups accommodation provides space for 22 people, divided into 10 rooms.

In addition to our comfortable rooms, you will also have access to the central area. You will find at the long table there is plenty of room for everyone.
Attached to the dining area is our spacious kitchen (with inventory).
The kitchen is equipped with all conveniences, including a 6 burner stove, separate oven, microwave, large refrigerator and dishwasher.

From the central area you can step into the courtyard. Here you can sit in the indoor lounge area with outside fireplace and enjoy the fire.

Group accommodation starts from € 1,450 per week.

(Arrival Friday from 16.00 and departure Sunday 10.30 or Monday 10.30).

Want a customized package deal? Get in touch!