About to rent a sloop?

Two luxurious Maxima 630 sloops are available at Perruque for you

Boating with a sloop on the Frisian lakes, that’s just the ultimate way to enjoy our beautiful environment! But, there is 1 problem. As soon as the sun is shining and the temperature is pleasant, almost all boat rental organizations are sold out… Perruque offers you the opportunity to rent such a fantastic boat directly from us.

After you cross through the cosy center of Stavoren, you will boat through swinging vegetated waters at the next direction: Hindeloopen. There you can check out this authentic town from the water, yet again a very different view instead of passing it by bike! Furthermore, lurching along meadows and beautiful farms our boat brings you to Workum, where you definitely should get an ice cream or visit one of the many terraces. From here, you can choose to head for Makkum or Bolsward, or take the route towards the Fluessen and Heeg, Koudum or Warns.

You’ll already understand that only 1 day is actually too little for all the beauty that Friesland has to offer you. So come on and give it a try. A boating licence is not necessary, just easy operation and great comfort on board. Enjoy!