Staying on or near the Frisian lakes

Choose a unique stay at Houseboat Hang Loose, Houseboat Enjoy or in one of our special glamtainers

Meet our subsidiary Rent to Enjoy, more vacation!

All accommodations at Rent to Enjoy are situated on or close to the water. All comfortable, luxurious and attractively furnished and therefore perfect for a wonderful holiday on the Frisian lakes! Our houseboats, glamtainers and the lodge can accommodate 2 to 4 people. You will stay on a beautiful peninsula located at Jachthaven de Vrijheid in Warns. Read more: surf to the Rent to Enjoy website.

Houseboats: enjoy a good night’s sleep on the water

Located on the water, moored at a beautiful piece of nature. You can approach your own luxury accommodation from the jetty. Houseboat Enjoy has 2 separate bedrooms, an open kitchen, a spacious living room with guaranteed beautiful views. Houseboat Hang Loose is just as beautiful and suitable for a comfortable stay for 2 or 4 people. The kitchen is equipped with a complete inventory, including dishwasher.

Of course the beds are made upon arrival and every houseboat has a nice bathroom on board, where soft towels are waiting for you. Heating by central heating or a pellet stove ensures that it is always pleasantly warm inside. Even in the coldest winter months. You can use the available smart TV and our mobile internet for free.

Glamtainers: a special overnight stay

They are certainly a bit unusual. Once they were real world travelers, the containers that form the basis for these two unique and comfortable holiday accommodations. That’s why we call them Out of the Box and at Place to Be, with room for 4 and 2 people respectively. Each with its own kitchen and bathroom and a beautiful green view!

Of course you can also count on our all-round service here. That means beds made on arrival and plenty of towels at your disposal. Want to book breakfast? That is also possible! And what do you think of your own sloop to explore the Frisian Lakes with? Discover it here!