Staying on the Frisian Lakes with Houseboat Happy and Enjoy

Meet our newest rental activities at Rent to Enjoy, providing you just more holiday!

All accommodations at Rent to Enjoy are situated on or near the water. Comfortable, luxurious and attractively furnished and perfect for a wonderful holiday at the Frisian Lakes! Both our houseboats as well as the lodge offer a pleasant place to stay for 2 to 4 people.

You will stay on a beautiful peninsula located near the freedom in Warns. That offcourse is already enjoying, but what makes a stay at Rent to Enjoy really unforgettable are the different packages.

If you want to cruise the lakes using one of the Houseboats you don’t have to do anything. We provide an experienced private skipper on board!

The Houseboat Enjoy features 2 separate bedrooms, a bathroom with a fine shower, an open kitchen, a spacious living room with guaranteed beautiful views. Houseboat Happy is at least as beautiful and suitable for 2 people. The kitchens are equipped with a complete inventory and is a fridge/freezer, kettle and coffee maker.

Pellet stoves make sure that it is always pleasant on board. So even when it gets colder outside the houseboats remains comfortable. You can use its smart TV and our mobile internet for free all day long.

Linen service
You don’t need to bring your own bed linen and towels. The houseboats are equipped with linen service. That means made up beds at arrival!

Find more information on our website Rent to Enjoy!